Customs declaration CN22

Maximum order quantity: 500

Important information

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Post Corporation (IPC) have changed the conditions for sending goods consignments abroad. The green CN22 customs declaration will only be accepted for items containing documents.

For international mail items to all destinations worldwide containing anything else (e.g. goods and books) it is mandatory to generate customs forms electronically.

You can use the “Accompanying documents for international letters” online service to easily create address labels with customs declarations electronically. This saves time when dropping off your consignment. You then frank the consignments at the counter or with stamps. You can also create franked address labels with customs declarations electronically using the “WebStamp” online service. You then hand the consignments in at the counter. Additionally there is the “EAD Mobile” online service. You capture all data necessary on your mobile device (e.g. cell phone) and receive a barcode at the end. You then show this barcode at the counter. Your address label with your customs forms will be printed for you free of charge, you pay for the item at the counter.

1 sheet A4 with 8 stickers, self-adhesive, for Laserprinter